Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility

Making small changes can have a huge impact to your online security. Cybercrime succeeds because people don’t proactively protect themselves. Adopting good cyber security hygiene can make a huge difference to your online security posture

Cyber Security - Jon Cosson CISO London

Cyber Security - Jon Cosson CISO London

14 steps – Cyber security best practise (2023)

Protect your personal and sensitive data, and your identity. These documents have been created to provide easy-to-read guides that is designed to enhance your cyber security posture and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime

How to create a good password

How to create a good password 2023

Almost every online service such as eBay, Hotmail, Facebook & Amazon require a static username and password as verification of your authenticity.  Whilst other techniques continue to be developed, including multi-factor security that can offer greater security, the humble password is still widely accepted across the world due to its simplistic approach and familiarity. It is therefore imperative you know how to create a good password.
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Cyber Security Practitioner’s Guide

In an era of unprecedented volatile political and economic environments across the world, computer-based cyber security systems face ever growing challenges. While the internet has created a global platform for the exchange of ideas, goods and services, it has also created boundless opportunities for cybercrime.

The debate over how to plan for the cyber security of the future has focused the minds of developers and scientists alike. This book aims to provide a reference on current and emerging issues on systems security from the lens of autonomy, artificial intelligence and ethics as the race to fight and prevent cybercrime becomes increasingly pressing. Cyber security really matters in today’s digital world, arming yourself with the right information is essential.

Cyber Security Practitioners Guide: An Approach to Identify Risk-Based Human Behaviour Profiling Within an Office Environment (Written by Jon Cosson)

Cyber Security - Jon Cosson CISO London Book

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