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Welcome to our website, where we empower individuals and businesses to secure their digital footprint. I lead a team of dedicated cyber security experts, committed to providing the latest insights, advice, and solutions in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

Our goal is to help you navigate the cyber security landscape with confidence and competence. Join us on this journey and let’s build a safer digital world.

Jon Cosson - Cyber Security Expert and UK CISO

Latest Threats and Vulnerabilities

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Protect yourself from scammers on Vinted

Vinted, the popular online marketplace for secondhand clothing and accessories, offers a convenient platform for buying and selling preloved items. However, as with any online shopping and dealing experience, scammers on Vinted and counterfeit sellers are lurking in the shadows, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers and sellers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to ensure a safe and secure experience on Vinted, from identifying counterfeit items and avoiding misleading photos to assessing seller profiles for reliability and ensuring secure bank transactions.

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Click on the image of WhatsApp Aoo on a smart device to access the Blog Post protect yourself from WhatsApp scams

How to Protect Yourself from WhatsApp Scams

Imagine having a tool in your pocket that connects you with over 2 billion people around the globe, a tool that allows you to share moments, memories, and even conduct business.

Now imagine the potential risks of scams with such a tool. That’s the reality of WhatsApp in today’s digital age. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to arm you with knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones from WhatsApp scams today.

Read my informative blog post and protect yourself from becoming a victim of a WhatsApp Scam

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10 Easy ways to improve your online security

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to prioritise your online safety and protect your valuable data from cyber attacks. In this article, we will discuss “10 easy ways to improve your online security” and minimise the risk of falling victim to cyber threats. Jon Cosson – an award winning cyber security expert has written an easy to read guide aimed to help you stay stafe online.

Jon Cosson – Cyber Security Expert

Jon Cosson Cyber Security Expert

My story

I have worked in IT and Cyber Security for more than 36 years, that was before the World Wide Web was conceived, the fall of the Berlin Wall and most of my current IT department was born. The following article describes my own personal journey and how I built a career in cyber security.

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Alan Turing

Jon Cosson is an established international speaker

Jon is an award winning cyber security expert and international speaker at IT security events around the world. He also chairs thought provoking discussions with fellow cyber security experts and technology leaders

Jon Cosson - Cyber Security Expert  delivering a keynote speech in London

Security Conferences

Jon Cosson – A cyber security expert delivering a session at a security conference in London, Jon talks at numerous events he talks at on a regular basis

Jon Cosson as a Cyber Security Expert presenting to an audience in LA, USA

International Events

Jon in Los Angeles where Jon delivered a session on protecting critical infrastructure from a cyber attack

Jon Cosson - Cyber Security Expert delivering a keynote in Harrogate

Keynote Speaker

Jon Cosson – Cyber security expert delivering a cyber security keynote at a Harrogate financial conference

Cyber Security Practitioner’s Guide

In an era of unprecedented volatile political and economic environments across the world, computer-based cyber security systems face ever growing challenges. While the internet has created a global platform for the exchange of ideas, goods and services, it has also created boundless opportunities for cyber crime.

The debate over how to plan for the cyber security of the future has focused the minds of developers and scientists alike. This book has been written by cyber security experts and aims to provide a reference on current and emerging issues on systems security from the lens of autonomy, artificial intelligence and ethics as the race to fight and prevent cybercrime becomes increasingly pressing. Cyber security really matters in today’s digital world, arming yourself with the right information is essential in protecting against cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Practitioners Guide: An Approach to Identify Risk-Based Human Behaviour Profiling Within an Office Environment (Written by Jon Cosson – Cyber Security Expert)

Cyber Security Expert- Jon Cosson CISO London - Book

Jon Cosson is a cyber security expert, blogger and an international speaker on cyber security and technology topics

Discover upcoming cyber security events and lectures that Jon will be speaking at…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cyber security expert?

A cyber security expert is a professional trained in protecting computer systems, networks, data and humans from digital attacks and unauthorised access to computer systems. Cyber Security Experts possess deep knowledge of various security protocols, threats, and mitigation techniques. In the context of this informative website, a cyber security expert provides easy to understand insights, analysis, and recommendations on best practices and emerging trends in the cyber security domain. The cyber security expert skillset is wide and varied, across multiple disciplines.

Is a cyber security expert a hacker?

No, a cyber security expert is not inherently a hacker. While both possess deep knowledge of computer systems and networks, a cyber security expert focuses on protecting and defending systems from potential threats. However, some cyber security professionals may have backgrounds in ethical hacking, where they use their skills to identify and fix vulnerabilities in a system, rather than exploit them. It’s essential to differentiate between ethical hackers, who work to improve security, and malicious hackers, who aim to harm or exploit systems.

What qualifications do you need to be a cyber security expert?

A cyber security expert typically requires a combination of formal education, certifications, and practical experience. Industry-recognised cyber security certifications, such as CISSP, CISM, CEH, and CompTIA Security+, can validate expertise and skills in specific areas of cyber security. Whilst there is no definitive cyber security expert certification, one of the globally recongnised certifications such as CISSP is widely revered. A degree in cyber security, computer science, information technology, or a related field is often recommended but not essential. Some experts also pursue master’s or doctoral degrees for specialised roles. Read our informative blog on starting a career in cyber security, which provides an overview of a cyber security expert job description.

What should I learn to become cyber security expert?

To become a cyber security expert you should focus on basic IT concepts, including networking, operating systems, and cloud computing. Familiarise yourself with computer programming languages like Python, C, or Java to write scripts and understand vulnerabilities. Learn the principles of encrypting and decrypting information and understand protocols, network configurations, and potential vulnerabilities. To fully understand cyber security expert requirements, read our informative blog on starting a career in cyber security.

Who is a cyber security expert?

A cyber security expert is a professional who specialises in protecting computer systems, networks, and data from digital attacks, unauthorised access, and damage. Many people also ask the salary of cyber security expert, this varies based on factors such as experience, education, certifications, location, and the specific role they occupy. It is essential to note that salaries can change based on industry demand, regional differences, and other factors. For the most current data, consider consulting industry salary surveys or job marketplaces.

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